Project Positive Values Into Action


How can I activate and project my own values so I demonstrate what I believe through my own actions?


While action is what we observe, the thinking deep inside us determines our actions. The essence of Values Based Leadership is thinking and feeling, acting and communicating, with positive values. When we activate our positive values and express them, others will, too. What goes out comes back; in other words a "cycle of leadership" emerges that inspires people.

Values fulfillment is the result of projecting your values into action. It requires monitoring the feedback you get from others, noticing the difference between values fulfillment and values violatons coming back to you. When you can notice and be sensitive to these differences, you can adjust to the feedback, keep using your thinking skills as needed.


Fulfilling values comes about through mastering values based leadership skills. Trust elicits trust, respect inspires respect, service excellence brings about more service excellence. People feel healthy in a healthy organization, and experience values being fulfilled as the norm. People tell values fulfillment stories more often than values violation stories. They come to work excited and enthusiastic. The whole organization demonstrates qualities such as: community spirit, open and honest communication, values agreement and self-organization. It is great place to be. New people who come into the organization learn to carry on the practices, values and traditions of your organization. They learn your values and how you fulfill them.

What to do: