What is VBL?

Each of us has a set of values—what is important to us and what we deeply believe. These values, personal and organizational, spiritual and family, are like a hidden source of guidance . . . they urge us to achieve what is deeply important. We call them names like trust and respect, love and caring, excellence and service. They manifest most strongly as feelings, both when they are fulfilled and when they are violated. Fulfilling these values is expressing our zest for life. To the extent we allow anything to stifle our expression of these values, we become vulnerable to our capacity to behave in destructive ways.

VBL stands for Values Based Leadership. VBL gives us some choices about how to choose to fulfill our values, and those of others, as well as how to prevent ourselves from engaging in destructive behavior when our values are violated.

VBL can help give us a language and an explicit set of processes for bringing out the best leadership in ourselves, others and the organizations to which we belong.

VBL processes can help you to lead by example. And VBL can support you to help others to lead themselves.