Fulfillment of Values
When All is Going Well

Hopefully, entering situations with your values fulfilled will be the norm. When our values are fulfilled, that is another way to we are generally happy and content. We have the capability to be caring and compassionate, humorous and sensitive, dynamic and genuine. Under these inner circumstances, when we counsel others, when we make a presentation, when we apologize, when we negotiate, we can do so with our best thinking and communicating skills fully available to us.

Recall when you've dealt with important situations when your values were fulfilled. Recall the feelings that are involved with communicating. Some would say they are "in the zone." Others describe this state as "flow." For me, values-fulfillment is fun and full of delight.

All this talk within the VBL system is designed to bring about flowing, in-the-zone, fun for yourself and others. May the force of values fulfillment be with you.

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