VBL Self Negotiation Strategy


How can I negotiate with myself to prevent a cycle of negativity when there is an inner conflict or self-induced values violations?

The Method:

1. Preparation: Prepare for the inner negotiation by getting into a comfortable,
inner-oriented state of mind and body.
2. Visualization: Turn each party to the conflict into a visual image. Create a positive framework for the inner negotiation between them so they both get along.
3. Discover Problems, Outcomes and Values: Discover and understand the problems, outcomes, deeper outcomes and values of one party and then the other. Help each party fully appreciate and respect the problems, outcomes and values of the other.
4. Develop Options: Help the negotiating "parts" of you find optional ways to create a win/win positive relationship with one another.
5. Design Mutually Agreeable Solutions: Find mutually agreeable solutions.
6. Reintegrate Parties: Place the image of one party in one hand and the image of the other party in the other hand. Move them closer, so they partially blend or merge together. Then reconnect them to your body and your deep self. Convey a positive message about the benefits of their new agreements, positive relationship and their future cooperation. Use words, spoken internally, along with sounds and images.

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