VBL Self Image Strategy


How can I use my own self image to prevent a cycle of negativity when there is pain from values violations?

The Method:

1. Problem Situation: Recall the situation where, in the past, you have not performed positively and did not feel comfortable.
2. Situation Image: Make a visual image of the situation. Emphasize the significant aspects of the situation, including people, objects and environment.
3. Self-image: Create an image of yourself that represents your true self, values and capabilities. Make it positive, inspiring and motivating. Use whatever special effects you need . . . color, lighting, sparkles, clothing and expressions can help. When you have the appropriate image, it will remind you of who you really are: a person who can perform superbly in the situation. Make the image independent of any particular background.
4. Check Image: Make sure all parts of you agree with the image.
5. Set Up: Make a big, bright, colorful image of the situation. Then put a small, dark
version of your self-image picture somewhere in the middle of that image.
6. Connect Self-image to the Situation: Make the self-image grow larger, brighter and more colorful, covering the image of the situation. Clear your screen. Then repeat four more times.
7. Evaluate Your Success: Picture the situation. Does the self image come automatically? If yes, great! It will remind you to be your best self and perform well. If not, go back to #5. Set Up and repeat the steps.