Preventing the Victim Cycle

Staying Positive Under Stress - Preventing The Victim Cycle


How can I prevent a cycle of negativity when there is stress and pain from values violations?


The Victim Cycle is one way to describe the destructive behaviors of people. Wars are a victim cycle. So are negative, hurtful office politics. Gossip and behind the back criticism are victim behaviors that create cycles of negativity where many are hurt. Certain economic and legal policies are victim cycles.

When under stress, or when others make them angry, people often engage in actions and communications that hurt relationships. The resulting problems in working relationships can go round and round, harming the company. This cycle claims many victims. While effective leaders remain aware of their hurt feelings and violated values, they can pause and wisely choose how to act and communicate.

It is the job of any values-based leader or healthy person to refrain from doing harm. It is this commitment that prevents those actions, often so brief, that harm reputations that have taken a long time to create. A gram of prevention is worth tons of apologizing.

What to do to prevent the victim cycle:

How victims get stuck in victim cycles:

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