Prevention Antidotes

Taken from many different disciplines, preventioin victim cycle antidotes are processes for preventing particular kinds of inner pains, old wounds and psychological or spiritual problems, and for replacing them with healthy patterns of behavior and cooperative values.


 Prevention Victim Cycle Antidotes

 Prevention Antidote

 Type of Problem
To Use it On

Ben Franklin Strategy Systematically review key values and virtues to strengthen and practice them in daily life.
 Pre-situation Check List Go through a check list of factors and scenarios to review prior to participating in a leadership situation.
 Daily Self-Examination A daily discipline to enhance leadership skills by looking over past events of the current or previous day.
 Leadership Development Planning A systematic method for creating a leadership development plan, one that matches skills with situations that are coming up for a leader.

These prevention antidotes for victim behavior and victim cycles give each leader who uses them the opportunity to make an important choice: instead of choosing to behave destructively and make victims of self and others, present and future, values-based leaders can choose another path.

We can choose to pause, to heal and to expand our thinking. Then we can plan our strategies for leading in such a way as to fulfill healthy values. There is no single more important quality of effective values-based leadership than pausing, healing and expanding thinking. This is the lesson of Jesus, of Gandhi and of Dr. King. It is consistent with leading by example. And this strategy of healing instead of hurting allows us to begin the process of practicing the golden rule.

These prevention antidotes to victim behavior and subsequent victim cycles, are more precise than the natural healing methods mentioned elsewhere. While they are not intended to replace natural healing processes, or specialized antidotes, they foster a preventative approach for healing and expanding thinking which lead to more effective and intelligent leadership actions.

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