VBL Menu Instructions

There are three menus for exploring the VBL skills.

VBL Bar Menu

One is the Bar Menu of VBL Skills that you can click on. It will show up in the left hand frame. It is also on the bottom of the main Client Area left frame. You can scroll down to see it. This bar menu is designed to be used within the frames. When you click on a VBL skill in the left hand frame, the information about the skill will come up in the right hand frame.

Two VBL Flow Chart Graphical Menu

The other two menus are graphical. They are the VBL Flow Chart Graphical Menus One and Two. You can get to the VBL Flow Chart Graphical Menus from the links listed near the top of the left hand frame. When you click on the VBL Flow Chart Menu Graphical Menus One or Two, they will appear in a separate window. That is how it is designed to be used. When you click on any of the links, they is designed so that another window will appear with the linked information. There are links all over the Flow Charts, including a link on the title, which pops up an article about how to use the flow chart graphical menus.

After using the VBL Flow Chart Graphical Menus, when you are finished and want to return to the Main Client Area Menu, close its window.

The VBL skills are designed for your use as a member of a The Leadership Project client organization. They can be studied via the charts for your overall leadership development. You can also use them to rehearse how you think and what you do in upcoming situations.