Leadership Development Planning


How do I create and implement a plan to achieve my leadership development goals?

The Method:

Planning Phase:

1. Capabilities: List the inner and outer capabilities you want do develop.
2. Situation: Choose a situation in the near future in which you want to apply your capabilities as a leader.
3. Outcome: Write down your desired outcome for this situation.
4. Evidence: Write down the evidence that will let you know you achieved the outcome in your behavior and feelings as well as the other person's behavior and feelings.
5. Preparation: Write down how you will prepare yourself mentally for the actual situation and prepare. Activate inner capabilities. Mentally rehearse outer capabilities.
6. Action: Go into the situation and do your best.

Continuous Improvement Phase:

1. Results: Write down the results you got in the situation with an account of what you did and the feedback you got.
2. Improvement: Write down how you can get even better results next time.