VBL Inner Mentor Strategy


How can I use an inner mentor to prevent a cycle of negativity when there is pain from values violations?

The Method:

1. Problem Situation: Think of a problem situation that you will face in the near future.
2. Know Your Role: Identify your role or roles in that situation.
3. Discover Values: Identify the deep value that would best suit your role in that situation to achieve a values-based outcome.
4. Find Inner Mentor: Think of a person, real, historical or imagined that exemplifies that deep value. (You can also use an object or animal, etc.) Then imagine that the mentor is near you.
5. Connect With Mentor: Step into the shoes of the mentor, or have the mentor whisper to you. As you "connect with" the mentor, feel your deep values being activated.
6. Values Transfer: Step into the situation with the values activated by the mentor. Rehearse your action steps with those values activated by the inner mentor permeating your mind and body.