Healing Takes Place


How do I know when healing has taken place?


Healing values-violations is very much like healing a physical wound or physical illness. When a cut, scrape or bruise is healed, the pain goes away and is replaced by normal sensitivity and good feelings to the healed place. The same is true of values violations. Normally, values violations are felt in particular parts of the body, often in the torso area between the neck and the waist.

Values violations can be a heavy heart, a sense of pressure in the chest, an ache in the tummy, or other hurts. Of course, values violations are not simple hurts, they have many, complex cognitive components: emotions, images, inner voices, beliefs about self and others and more. These many aspects of our inner experience will be one way when there is an unhealed values violation and they will shift to something much more positive when the values violation is fully healed.

When you have healed, not only will you feel better inside, you will get access to your positive values and your leadership skills again. After healing, once again, you can create a reasonable balance between your needs, those of others, maintain objectivity, see long-term and wide-angle ripple effects of actions, see the good in others, see through many lenses, and more. You can then initiate positive leadership cycles. And you will refrain from hurtful, destructive victim behaviors. The VBL Flow Chart provides explicit support for you to do these mind-expanding activities and leadership behaviors.

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