Combinations of Victim Behaviors


What are the ways various victim behaviors combine to create complex variations and combinations of destructive behaviors?


Destructive, victim behaviors come in many styles, variations and forms besides the five patterns known as the BAWLS model: Blaming, Avoiding, Whining, Labeling negatively and Sarcasm. Examples of combinations and variations include:

 Combinations and Variations of Victim Behaviors


 Labeling negatively, Avoiding, Whining and Blaming

 Physical Violence

 Blaming expressed physically, Labeling negatively and de-humanizing the person


 Avoiding, Labeling negatively and Blaming


 Avoiding truth


 Avoiding, Labeling negatively, Blaming

 Sexual Harassment

 Labeling other gender as inferior and not worthy of respect

 Humiliating behavior

 Labeling negatively, Blaming

 Rejection, Shunning

 Avoiding, Labeling negatively

 Seeking revenge

 Blaming, Labeling negatively--
"I'm going to make them pay!"

What victim behaviors have in common:

All the victim behaviors have a number of elements present and conditions in common. When we or others engage in victim behaviors:

What to do:

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