Challenging Situations


What are the situations for which I need to prepare by expanding my thinking and planning my actions so that the result is a fulfillment of values?


Challenging situations are those where the values outcomes of your actions are not necessarily predictably positive. That is, there is some doubt about a positive outcome. For example, when people are different from you, are unfamiliar to work with, or when the situation is unique or difficult, that's an indication of a challenging situation.

Challenging situations are distinct from other situations. Values-fulfilling situations are those that fulfill your vales, where naturally, you feel great and want to encourage them to happen repeatedly. Values-violating situations are the ones where you have been or will likely react with distress, anger, disappointment, frustration or pain of any kind. Those situations require different strategies of preparation. See Values Violated or look on the VBL Flow Chart in the part labeled Values Violated.

Challenging situations could include hundreds of situations you may encounter socially, organizationally or in cross cultural situations.

The most important thing to do to perform well in challenging situations is to prepare thoroughly. That means, for one thing, expanding your thinking. The box on the VBL Flow Chart called Leadership Thinking has quite a few ways of expanding your thinking. It is as though expanding your thinking involved sitting around a table of "leadership intelligence" where each chair represents a different thinking skill. As you move from chair to chair, using the skill associated with place your thinking continues to expand. As you integrate the skills, you actually increase your leadership intelligence.

While there are an infinite variety of challenging situations, here are a few situations that often arise in organizations.

Some Potentially Challenging Situations:

Someone Needs Help with a Career Change or Life Issues

How can I help someone advance their career or better deal with life issues?

Someone Lacks a Needed Skill

How can I help someone learn a needed skill that will enable them to accomplish their objective?

Someone Else has an Unsolved Problem

How can I help a person solve a problem and enhance our relationship along the way?

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