VBL Breathing and Self-Talk Strategy


How can I use my own words and breathing to prevent a cycle of negativity when there is pain from values violations?

The Method:

Breathing in . . .
I feel the pain of values violations
Breathing out . . .
I feel the values I believe in

Breathe in pain . . .
Feel pain
Breathe out values . . .
Feel values

Breath in pain . . .
Breath out values


Breathing in
I feel ­_____________ (pain)

Breathing out
I feel +____________ (values)

Breath in ____________ (pain)
Feel ____________ (pain)

Breath out ____________ (values)
Feel _____________ (values)

Breathing in ______________ (pain)
Breathing out ______________ (values)

__________ (pain)
__________ (values)

(Repeat until the positive experience of values replaces the pain of values violations.)